Leon Hopkins

Branch Manager

Formerly of Mortgage Network


I had struggled with the last 2 mortgage companies in many ways. The biggest issues were uninvolved corrupt management and problems closing quality loans. It forced me to question whether I wanted to remain in this industry.

Coming to Finance of America has been a breath of fresh air. The most important difference is the people. I remember everyone telling me that people are cared for as if they were family. I can attest to that. Everyone at Finance of America, including upper management, listens, cares, and practices ethical business methods. It is because of this that I feel part of the extended family.

The processors, underwriters, commitment desk staff, appraisal department, accounting department, and of course all of you, have been first class. I have experienced glitches along the way, but that is the nature of any business, and especially one that is as cyclical and volatile as ours. Things can always seem great when going well. The true test comes when you have challenges. That is when you find out the quality of the people in an organization. You and Finance of America have passed every test with flying colors. I am proud to be part of your organization and hope to remain part of your family for the balance of my career.

Thank you for everything!