James Hope

Mortgage Originator


Being a part of the Finance of America family has given me the opportunity and tools to expand my business to the level I personally chose. Finance of America is an opportunity of what you make of it!

In today’s complicated mortgage industry, the balance of personal business goals, company goals, and ultimately the client’s needs is a real challenge to effectively manage. Without the dedication of the Finance of America staff, management team, and business platform the flexibility to make sure I’m always able to meet the challenges and demands that each unique transaction presents wouldn’t make 'homeownership' possible for a lot of people I work with. I owe a great deal of my personal success and reputation to the Finance of America family and what the 'Gateway' name represents within my local community, to homebuyers, realtors and referral partners alike!

Looking for an organization that can give you the tools and flexibility you need to take your business to the next level, look no further.