Laura Truax

Branch Manager

Formerly of Bank of America


After many trips and after many visits to other company's it only took one visit with the corporate team and a meeting with Bruno to feel that Finance of America had one thing all the other company�s failed to have and that was care and understanding. Walking away from our first meeting I felt as if they listened to our challenges and our needs and that Bruno was compassionate about our business and he wanted us to succeed as much as we did. What swayed me to Finance of America was the fact that the company had technology in place to help assist us with our day to day business. These systems consist of being able to submit a scenario to underwriting or submitting a help ticket for everything from system questions to product guidelines. With the technology also comes human communication. The mortgage industry is tough enough, you can�t have a company that works against you. Finance of America listens and they work to understand your area, your business and your needs. Being in Wisconsin and corporate being in outside of Philadelphia, I always feel as if they are right here with me. Emails are responded to, questions are answered and ideas are shared. The connection and the ability to close loans and grow my business is why I am here. Build your business, be successful and use the tools you are given - Finance of America will pay attention, listen to your needs and help you. Finance of America has the rates the products and the tools (mortgage coach, direct mailing, webinars, a production support team) to grow your business.